Given we’re in the process of recruiting new team members, I thought (for my own sake) now would be a good time to review the lessons I’ve learnt when it comes to hiring.

Hire people who are better at their job than you

In this edition, I’ll be writing about the pieces of software that make my life that little bit easier. I’ve tried to keep the list as diverse as possible. Hopefully, you come away with something that makes your life that little bit easier too.

Image via Unsplashed — Photographer Bram Naus

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Pic from Harrisons Landscaping Coogee Project

The Walking Iris requires very little maintenance. If you don’t want the plant to spread or “walk” throughout your garden, you just need to pluck the leaves which support the flowers from the plant.

Kalanchoes are one of the most versatile and diverse species of plants in the world. Two of the most popular Kalanchoe are Silver Spoons and Copper Spoons. It’s not often that a plant’s common name can be so accurate!

We use both varieties in our landscape designs due to their drought tolerance, hardy nature, and beautiful appearance.

Kalanchoe Copper Spoons

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash


Image by Harrison’s Landscaping

Why three is a magic number

Modern Pool Design | Harrison’s Landscaping

Pool design is currently going through a renaissance as pool owners look for a more refined, simple design. The days of flashy glass windows and swim-up bars are behind us.

Josh Harrison

Harrisons | The Balcony Garden | Husband | Father

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